‘The only possible approach.’ (Anton Goudsmit, Dutch guitar hero)

earswideopen is the name of a trio consisting of
Jurriaan Berger (piano, melodica, electronics, lost and found),
Felix Hildenbrand (acoustic and electric bass), and
Achim Heine (drums and assorted percussion).

Ever since Achim, Felix and Jurriaan played together for the first time, they have been searching for an exciting combination of free jazz freedom and solid grooves and melodies from more conventional jazz Music. And rock, funk, salsa, or classical music,if that’s what they feel like.

Through playing hundreds of gigs as a trio, and in larger groups, they have perfected this approach. This earswideopen way of playing has proven to work in many different environments: from jazz stage and festival to café and parties of all kinds. Unique music, happening in a specific place and time, that’s what earswideopen is about.

Using their name as a motto, earswideopen have collaborated with many musicians with a similar attitude: the fine fleur of Dutch jazz, but also rappers, dj’s, singers from different genres, and numerous others who share their sense of adventure. One of them is trumpet master Eric Vloeimans, who features on their first self titled cd (2010) in several quartet improvisations. This cd was well received in a.o. the Volkskrant newspaper and Jazzism magazine (4/5 stars in both).

That same sense of adventure is apparent on earswideopen’s second cd EwoTV (2019), featuring eight favourite tv theme songs from the 80s and 90s. Lovingly deconstructed, and improved beyond repair.